We refinanced our house last week!

750score saved my family $350 per month on our home mortgage loan. That`s money right in my pocket–month after month!

Matt Reems

I Got A Loan

While I was at Home Depot recently, I was offered a $5,000 credit card and was accepted. Before repairing my

Badie L.

Everything Is Looking Up

I have to admit at first I was very skeptical about trying this service because I had been scammed before

Wanda Hines

Amazing Service

I Was Skeptic About Paying For A Credit Repair Company. So I Asked Alot Questions, and Brandon Answered Them All.

Latara Washington

Hello! I would like to

Hello! I would like to take the time out to shout out Brandon and the 750score professionals! You guys have

Jamekia Belcher

Great results!

When Brandon started working on my credit my score was a 510, but within the next three months it went

Tasheka Elder

My scores are up

750score raised my credit score immensely and I could not have done it without the help of their experts. I

Laura Sanders

Home refinanced

Thank you very much for your VERY thorough correcting of my husband`s and my credit reports. We have been able

Robin D. and Richard D.

Great credit repair services

Brandon was very informative on building and maintaining credit. My scores are near 800 and I would recommend anyone who

Isaiah Porter

Great Experience

I have been very pleased with the work you have done on my behalf, but I believe 750score has done


Good people

750 is a really good credit repair company, they are good at what they do. They have removed all of

Reginald Lawson


You did a wonderful job of helping raise my credit score!! You moved it 143 points!! My sole purpose was

John Riley

Great place to get your

Great place to get your credit cleaned up and he do fast work. He responds on time and doesn’t give

James Goodwin
T mobile


We were at the bottom then with no credit at all. Here we are a year and 3 months later,

Stacey K. and Jon K.

Thank you

The genius plan is a very effective program and allowed me to get incorrect multiple entries removed, including derogatory public

Jim Thomas

Gets right to work!

Brandon had been working on my credit for a month, and he has gotten negative items removed already! I must

Janell Rodgers

Thank you so much! You

Thank you so much! You all did a great job and my husband and I just closed on our house

Jane J. and Brendan J.


Dear 750score, Thank you!! Because of your professional credit management expertise, I have realized the importance of having and maintaining

Malcom Warner