Negotiate and Settle Your Outstanding Debt!

The credit score does not factor whether you pay an outstanding

collection in full or settle for a lesser amount.  So… save some money!

 Hire 750Score to Negotiate Settlements for You


If you don’t have the time or the patience to negotiate settlements with your creditors, let us help you!  Our staff will do the unpleasant work of calling your unpaid collection accounts, charge-offs and Judgments to negotiate settlements on your behalf.  Just know that we are not a debt settlement company – we are only a facilitator – helping two parties meet a common goal. 

Once an agreed upon settlement is reached, you will be responsible for paying the account with the creditor or collection company.

Here are our fees that you will be billed for once you have paid the creditor or collection account:

  • Account balances less than $700 – you will need to contact these accounts yourself.
  • Account balances of $700 to $1,499:  $200 per account
  • Account balances of $1,500 to $9,999: $400 per account
  • Account balances greater than $10,000:  10% of the original account balance

* You will need to provide your credit reports to us so we can review the outstanding collect accounts, charge-offs or Judgments with you.