Bankruptcy Recovery Service

You’ve filed for bankruptcy. Now it’s time to start rebuilding your credit.

It will be hard to get credit at the start, but it won’t be impossible. The bankruptcy on your record means you will have to pay more to borrow money, since you’ll probably be considered a subprime borrower. Subprime borrowers pay higher interest rates and penalties for defaults because they are considered a greater risk.

It’s not uncommon for consumers to believe that Bankruptcy means their credit will be ruined forever. This is not true.  With the right guidance, you can recover from Bankruptcy and restore your credit much faster than you may think.

After your Bankruptcy has been “Discharged”, contact us for a Credit Analysis.  We will review your credit reports to make sure the accounts that were included in Bankruptcy are reporting correctly and accurately, as well as provide the guidance you need to re-establish your credit and credit scores.

The fee for this service is based on our “No Risk” Credit Repair.